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Functional Analysis, Approximation Theory and Numerical Analysis

Matera, Italy, July 5-8, 2022

Session: Numerical Advances in Differential Equations

The main aim of this session is to bring together researchers in the field of numerical methods for differential equations to present their recent results and exchange ideas for new developments in theory and related applications, with particular emphasis in areas such as ordinary and stochastic differential equations.


  • Lidia Aceto, lidia.aceto@uniupo.it
  • Carmela Scalone, carmela.scalone@univaq.it
  • Zdzislaw Jackiewicz, jackiewicz@asu.edu


  1. P. Amodio, New Developments in the Numerical Solution of Sturm-Liouville Problems by High Order Finite Difference Schemes
  2. A. Andò, Convergence of the piecewise orthogonal collocation for computing periodic solutions of delay equations
  3. W. Auzinger, Adaptive Exponential Splitting
  4. S. Boscarino, Asymptotic preserving and asymptotic accurate schemes for hyperbolic systems with stiff hyperbolic or parabolic relaxation
  5. M. Braś, Search for implicit-explicit general linear methods with inherent Runge-Kutta stability
  6. D. Breda, Numerical computation of the basic reproduction number
  7. D. Conte, Multivalue numerical methods for stiff differential problems
  8. F.V. Difonzo, A numerical procedure for fractional-time-space differential equations with the spectral fractional Laplacian
  9. S. Di Giovacchino, Numerical conservations features of stochastic Hamiltonian systems
  10. C. Elia, Synchronous periodic orbits of PWS networks: theoretical and numerical aspects for asymptotic stability
  11. G. Giordano, Perturbative analysis of numerical discretization to stochastic Hamiltonian problems
  12. S. González Pinto, PDE-convergence of AMF-W methods for parabolic problems
  13. D. Hernández-Abreu, Generalized TASE-RK methods for stiff problems with application to the numerical solution of parabolic PDEs
  14. F. Iavernaro, A new framework for polynomial approximation to differential equations
  15. G. Izzo, Self Starting General Linear Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations
  16. D. Liessi, Investigating the stability of periodic neutral renewal equations via Floquet multipliers
  17. F. Mazzia, A minimum-time obstacle-avoidance path planning algorithm for unmanned aerial vehicles
  18. P. Novati, On the computation of fractional power of operators
  19. G. Pagano, An extension of nonstandard finite differences with application to a vegetation model
  20. S.F. Pellegrino, Non-periodic spectral method for a nonlinear peridynamic model
  21. F. Pitolli, Numerical solution of the fractional diffusion equation by spline approximations
  22. L. Rández, Runge-Kutta schemes for the numerical solution of linear inhomogeneous IVPs
  23. C. Scalone, On the destabilisation linear stochastic differential systems with non-normal drift
  24. G. Settanni, Potentiality of the code HOFiD_bvp in solving different kind of second order bounday value problems
  25. I. Sgura, Matrix-Oriented Discretization Methods for Evolutionary Problems
  26. R. Vermiglio, Pseudospectral approximation of characteristic roots of equations with infinite delay
  27. E.B. Weinmüller, Effcient Approximation of Singular BVPs in ODEs
  28. M. Zennaro, On the minimum growth rate of solutions to linear switched systems