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Functional Analysis, Approximation Theory and Numerical Analysis

Matera, Italy, July 5-8, 2022

Session: Recent Advances in the Analysis and Numerical Solution of Evolutionary Integral Equations

Due to their ability to capture memory effects, integral and integro-differential equations of Volterra type describe a wide variety of dynamic processes that depend on the past history of the system. The effective impact of these models is evident in literature where analytical and numerical studies have, in recent years, led to a deeper understanding of many applications in the real world. Indeed, there have been very significant advances in the theory, applications and qualitative properties of both continuous and discrete solutions as well as  in the development of numerically efficient methods.  In this session, recognized researchers  in the area of Volterra integral and related equations will present their recent achievements and discuss possible future developments.


  • Dajana Conte, dajconte@unisa.it
  • Teresa Diogo, tdiogo@math.ist.utl.pt
  • Eleonora Messina, eleonora.messina@unina.it


  1. L. Aceto, On the computation of the Wright function and its applications to Fractional Calculus
  2. J.A.D. Appleby, Characterisation of the asymptotic behaviour of the mean-square of linear stochastic Volterra equations
  3. M.I. Berenguer, Approximating the fixed point of an affine operator
  4. I.M. Bulai, Modeling metastatic tumor evolution, numerical resolution and growth prediction
  5. A. Cardone, Highly accurate solution of fractional differential equations
  6. E. Cuesta, A posteriori error estimates for time discretization of abstract semi-linear fractional integro-differential equations
  7. R. Garrappa, Efficient computation of solutions of time-fractional difusion-reaction equations
  8. K. Lätt, Numerical schemes for a class of singular fractional integro-differential equations
  9. E. Lawless, Real exponential asymptotic behaviour is generic in the mean square of two-dimensional linear SDE's
  10. H. Liang, A general collocation analysis for weakly singular Volterra integral equations with variable exponent
  11. S. Micula, A Numerical Method for Volterra-Fredholm Integral Equations in Two Dimensions
  12. L. Moradi, Numerical solution of delay Volterra functional integral equations with variable bounds
  13. E. Sousa, On the convergence of difference approximations to fractional differential problems in bounded domains
  14. M. Vikerpuur, Central part interpolation schemes for fractional differential equations