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Functional Analysis, Approximation Theory and Numerical Analysis

Matera, Italy, July 5-8, 2022

Session: Functional Analysis, Approximation Theory and Differential Equations

The Session topics include, but are not limited to:

  • new iterative schemes to approximate fixed points of nonlinear mappings, common fixed points of nonlinear mappings or semigroups of nonlinear mappings
  • iterative approximations of zeros of accretive-type operators
  • iterative approximations of solutions of variational inequalities problems or split feasibility problems and applications
  • optimization problems and their algorithmic approaches
  • fixed point of nonlinear operators in cone metric spaces with applications and fixed points of nonlinear operators in ordered metric spaces with applications
  • applications of Fixed Point Theory to establishing the existence of the solutions of differential equations or integral equations and inclusions
  • other theoretical methods for differential and integral equations
  • operator equations and inclusions in function spaces


  • Vittorio Colao, colao@mat.unical.it
  • Luigi Muglia, muglia@mat.unical.it


  1. O. Acar, The New Aspect to Fixed Point Theory on Ultrametric Space
  2. L. Angeloni, BV spaces, sampling-type operators and approximation method
  3. J. Appell, How to measure the noncompactness of operators
  4. Y. Aygar, Spectral analysis of a difference equation with interface conditions and hyperbolic eigenparameter on the whole axis
  5. A.R. Baias, On Ulam stability of some linear difference equations
  6. I. Benedetti, Evolution equations with superlinear growth
  7. T. Bruno, Function spaces via heat kernel estimates
  8. G. Bucur, On Arzelà-Ascoli Theorem. Dualizing compactness property
  9. I.G. Bucur, A new look on Korovkin Theorem
  10. A. Cialdea, Completeness theorems for systems of particular solutions of partial differential equations
  11. F. Esposito, Gibbons' conjectures for the Allen-Cahn equation.
  12. S. Giuffè, Variational problems with nonconstant gradient constraints
  13. D. Karahan, On a nonlocal boundary value problem for mixed type equation
  14. S. Kirci Serenbay, Approximation of fuzzy numbers by truncated Favard-Szasz-Mirakyan operators of max-product kind
  15. Y. Kumar, Numerical Investigation Bassed on Wavelet Tau Method for Solving Distributed Order Fractional Differential Equation
  16. A. Malaspina, Integral representations for solutions of some BVPs for steady elastic oscillations
  17. E. Miglierina, Regularity and Stability for a Convex Feasibility Problem
  18. L. Montoro, Singular solutions to p-Laplacian systems
  19. D. Otrocol, Applications of fibre contraction principle to some classes of equations
  20. D. Popa, On the best constant in Ulam stability
  21. I.Z. Pesenson, Modulus of continuity and Jackson-Type inequalities on manifolds
  22. H. Rack, Explicit algebraic solutions, for low-degree polynomials, to Zolotarev's First Problem of 1868