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Functional Analysis, Approximation Theory and Numerical Analysis

Matera, Italy, July 5-8, 2022

Session: Positive Approximation Processes and Applications

This session aims to cover recent progresses in approximation of functions by positive linear operators in both finite and infinite-dimensional settings. Applications and connections with other fields are welcome, in particular with semigroup theory and evolution problems.


  • Octavian Agratini, o.agratini@yahoo.com
  • Elena Berdysheva, elena.berdysheva@uct.ac.za
  • Michele Campiti, michele.campiti@unisalento.it


  1. A.-M. Acu, Poisson approximation to the binomial distribution: extensions to the convergence of positive operators
  2. O. Agratini, On Wachnicki operators
  3. V. Babenko, On optimal recovery problems in semi-linear metric spaces
  4. E.E. Berdysheva, Metric Fourier approximation of set-valued functions of bounded variation
  5. M. Campiti, Korovkin approximation of set-valued functions
  6. D. Cárdenas-Morales, On direct inequalities for the classical Bernstein and Szász-Mirakyan operators
  7. P. Garrancho, Linear operators approximating discontinous functions. A probabilistic approach
  8. M. Heilmann, Voronovskaja type results for the Aldaz, Kounchev, Render modification of Baskakov type operators
  9. T. Kilgore, The weighted Weierstrass Theorem for continuous functions defined on [0,+\infty) or on (-\infty,\infty), proved using Bernstein-Chlodovski operators
  10. A. Malina, Iterative Shepard operator of least squares thin-plate spline type
  11. F.J. Martinez-Sáncez, Some results in approximation theory by means of linear operators and generalized convergence
  12. R. Paltanea, On the Convergence of Series of Powers of Linear Positive operators
  13. A. Ratiu, New refinements of some inequalities
  14. B.I. Vasian, On Approximation Properties of some non-positive Bernstein-Durrmeyer Type Operators