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Functional Analysis, Approximation Theory and Numerical Analysis

Matera, Italy, July 5-8, 2022

Session: Operators in Function Spaces: convergence properties and applications

The proposed session focuses on the properties of families of operators in function spaces, in particular (but not limited to) convolution integral operators, linear or non linear Urysohn type operators, discrete operators like sampling series and their generalizations. The aim is to point to the state of current researches concerning convergence properties and their concrete applications (for example to signal analysis and image reconstruction).


  • Carlo Bardaro, carlo.bardaro@unipg.it
  • Ilaria Mantellini, ilaria.mantellini@unipg.it


  1. T. Acar, A Characterization of the Rate of the Simultaneous Approximation by Generalized Sampling Series
  2. T. Alagöz, Weighted Approximation for the Families of Sampling Operators
  3. D. Bugajewski, Convolution operators in spaces of almost periodic functions and applications
  4. D. Costarelli, Approximation properties of the sampling Kantorovich operators: regularization, saturation, inverse results and Favard classes in L^p-spaces
  5. J.V. Fischer, Discretization in Generalized Function Spaces
  6. B. Forster, Frame recycling
  7. M. Lanza de Christoforis, Nonlinear composition operators in Grand Lebesgue spaces
  8. F. Lanzara, Accurate computation of the multidimensional fractional Laplacian
  9. H. Mascarenhas, Convergence of norms and singular values of generalized Toeplitz matrices
  10. B. Moletsane, Perturbation by Weakly Continuous Forms
  11. M. Natale, Quantitative estimates for nonlinear sampling Kantorovich operators in functional spaces
  12. M. Piconi, Approximation properties of Durrmeyer-sampling type operators in functional spaces
  13. T.K. Pogány, Derivative plane sampling and weighted differential operator
  14. S. Reinwand, Types of convergence which preserve continuity
  15. A. Travaglini, Quantitative estimates for nonlinear sampling Kantorovich operators in functional spaces
  16. M. Turgay, Weighted Approximation by Bivariate Generalized Sampling Series
  17. F. Weisz, Hardy spaces with variable exponents and maximal operators
  18. L. Zampogni, A general method to study the convergence of nonlinear operators in Orlicz spaces
  19. A. Zayed, On Multi-dimensional Fractional Integral Transformations