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Functional Analysis, Approximation Theory and Numerical Analysis

Matera, Italy, July 5-8, 2022

Session: Numerical Linear Algebra and Applications

This session presents new developments and techniques of Numerical Linear Algebra (NLA), and discusses several areas in science and engineering in which NLA are applied. Applications that will receive particular attention include the solution of ill-posed problems, including inverse electromagnetic problems and image restoration, as well as network analysis.


  • Michela Redivo Zaglia, michela.redivozaglia@unipd.it
  • Giuseppe Rodriguez, rodriguez@unica.it


  1. C. Brezinski, Stein and Rosenberg, Perron and Frobenius
  2. A. Buccini, Fast Alternating Direction Multipliers Method by Generalized Krylov Subspaces
  3. M. Donatelli, Graph Laplacian in l^2 - l^q regularization for image reconstruction
  4. C. Estatico, Modular-proximal operators for adaptive regularization
  5. D. Fasino, Orthogonal Cauchy-like matrices
  6. L. Fermo, On some iterative methods for Fredholm integral equations
  7. N. Mastronardi, Computing Gaussian quadrature rules with high relative accuracy
  8. K. Morikuni, A projection method for eigenvalue problems of linear nonsquare matrix pencils
  9. S. Noschese, Perron communicability and sensitivity of multilayer networks
  10. F. Pes, Nonlinear least-squares problems: a regularized approach for the large scale underdetermined case
  11. G. Topcu, A New Method for the Construction of Schur Stable Matrix Families
  12. N. Van Buggenhout, Construction of a sequence of orthogonal rational functions