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Functional Analysis, Approximation Theory and Numerical Analysis

Matera, Italy, July 5-8, 2022

Session: Meshless Approximation Methods: new perspective and applications

Over the past twenty years, meshless methods became one of the major interest field in approximation theory. This session focuses in the recent development and improvement of existent meshless techniques, as well as in the presentation of new approaches and applications.


  • Francesco Dell'Accio, francesco.dellaccio@unical.it
  • Alessandra De Rossi, alessandra.derossi@unito.it
  • Elisa Francomano, elisa.francomano@unipa.it


  1. R. Cavoretto, Adaptive Residual Sub-sampling Methods for Kernel-based Interpolation
  2. S. Cuomo, Physics-informed neural networks approach for solving Gray-Scott systems
  3. A. De Rossi, A Kriging Estimator based on the Partition of Unity Method
  4. F. Di Tommaso, Smooth approximation and interpolation of scattered data on the sphere with linear precision by quadrangulations
  5. D. Fakhoury, Exploring the expressive power of ExSpliNet, a new spline-based neural network model
  6. M. Karimnejad Esfahani, Moving Least Square Approximation using Variably Scaled Discontinuous Weight Functions
  7. S. Lancellotti, Software Implementation of the Partition of Unity Method
  8. L. Luh, Choosing the Shape Parameter Optimally in the RBF Collocation Method
  9. F. Marchetti, RBF interpolation and SSIM
  10. A. Noorizadegana, A Novel Local Radial Basis Function Collocation Method for Multi-Dimensional Piezoelectric Problems
  11. F. Nudo, On the improvement of the triangular Shepard method by non conformal elements
  12. A. Sommariva, Tchakaloff-like polyhedral quadrature with and without tetrahedralization
  13. G. Tamberg, On representation of derivatives using generalized Kantorovich sampling operators
  14. E. Venturino, A fourth order scheme for nonlocal diffusive equations