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Functional Analysis, Approximation Theory and Numerical Analysis

Matera, Italy, July 5-8, 2022

Session: Operator Algebras and Functional Analysis Methods for Applications

This section is addressed to cover the following topics: Operator algebras and applications to quantum physics; Theory of bases and frames and applications to signal analysis; approximation methods for applications.


  • Paolo Boggiatto, paolo.boggiatto@unito.it
  • Rosario Corso, rosario.corso02@unipa.it
  • Camillo Trapani, camillo.trapani@unipa.it


  1. M.S. Adamo, Reflection positive representations and Hankel operators in the multiplicity free case
  2. P. Balazs, Representation of Operators Using Fusion Frames
  3. G. Bellomonte, Do properties of frame-related sequences spread in a scale of Hilbert spaces?
  4. C. Boiti, Real Paley-Wiener theorems
  5. G. Garello, Periodic pseudodifferential operators and applications to Gabor frames
  6. L. Giorgetti, Quantum Operations on Conformal Nets
  7. S. Ivkovic, Semi-Fredholm operators on self-dual Hilbert W*-modules
  8. A. Oliaro, Regularity of global solutions of PDE via time-frequency methods
  9. L. Palacios, On the Arens-Michael decomposition of CV_(0)(X;A)
  10. S. Saliani, Spectral wavelet packets frames for signals on finite graphs
  11. Y. Tanimoto, Scaling limits of lattice quantum fields by wavelets
  12. F. Tschinke, Riesz-Fisher maps, Semiframes and Frames in rigged Hilbert spaces