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Functional Analysis, Approximation Theory and Numerical Analysis

Matera, Italy, July 5-8, 2022

Poster Session

Each poster should be no larger than A1 paper size measuring 59.4 cm (width) 84.1 cm (height) or 23.4 inches (width) 33.1 inches (height).


  • Maria Rosaria Capobianco, mariarosaria.capobianco@cnr.it
  • Maria Carmela De Bonis, mariacarmela.debonis@unibas.it
  • Vita Leonessa, vita.leonessa@unibas.it


  1. D. Barrera, Triangular spline quasi-interpolants and their application in terrain modelling
  2. M.R. Capobianco, FSK-PSK data processing based on direct approximation of the Hilbert transform
  3. M.I. Berenguer, Perturbed iterative approximation for the solution of delay differential equations
  4. D. Occorsio, A numerical method for Cauchy Singular Equations by means of filtered polynomial approximation
  5. M. Pezzella, Numerical simulation of a multi-group age-of-infection model