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Antropologia Applicata

Antropologia Applicata

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  1. Presentation of specific research methodologies in anthropology and in applied anthropology, intended as committed anthropology, an anthropology that founds its methodology and its way of being on fieldwork: a continuous dialogue with “alterity” in which the only thinkable “alienity” is represented by the tekhne and by the financial markets which support and promulgate it as omnipresent and almighty verbum.
  2. A renewed discussion on the concepts of development and cooperation – concepts which have deeply marked the past three decades of social sciences and the current crystallization of anthropology – that is of contemporary economy. It represents an opportunity to revivify and deepen the impact of anthropological theory and to re-shape applied anthropology.
  3.  Analysis of three case-studies in applied anthropology: 1. applied anthropology and medicine –  gender and tuberculosis in Central Asia, 2. applied anthropology and law – rebuilding the justice system in Afghanistan, 3. applied anthropology and economics – credit associations and development of local markets in Ethiopia.

CV Antonio Palmisano

This course does not have any sections.

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