Università della Basilicata
Via Lanera, 20
75100 Matera
Lecce 0832-294895
Napoli 347-5493780
Foggia 0881-338415

Vitale Nuzzo

Professore Associato
Total Courses: 1 Total Students: 0 Average Rates: 0.0

Vitale NUZZO is an agronomist working as an associate professor at the University of Basilicata, Department of the “Culture Europee e del Mediterraneo: Archiettura, Ambiente, Patrimoni Culturali”. He spent several period abroad: Center for Agrobiological Research - CABO of Wageningen (NL), The Winand Staring Center - ICW of Wageningen (NL), the Institute of Ecology and Resources Management of Edimburgh University (Scotland) and the Department of Viticulture and Enology of California University of Davis (USA). He is actually carrying out teaching and research activity on viticulture and pomology. Since 2000-01 academic year he is teaching ampelography and grapevine physiology.

Taught Courses

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